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List of the treatises in the Nag Hammadi Coptic Library

In addition to the Nag Hammadi codices, this list contains four treatises found in the Berolinensis Gnosticus 8502, a papyrus codex currently kept in Berlin, in which there are two texts parallel to those found in the Nag Hammadi library.

In the following list, the first column gives the number of each codex along with the number of each text within the codices; the second column gives the first and last page of each text; the third gives the titles with the number of the corresponding volume in the «Textes» series of the BCNH; the fourth column, finally, gives the abbreviation for each text. For each codex the number of the corresponding concordance is also given.

Concordances, 4
I,1   A-B    The Prayer of the Apostle Paul  PrPaul
I,2   1-16    The Apocryphon of James  [18]  ApocrJa
I,3   16-43    The Gospel of Truth  GosTr
I,4   43-50    The Treatise on the Resurrection [12]  Rheg
I,5   51-138    The Tripartite Tractate  [19]  TriTrac

Concordances, 8 (in preparation)
II,1   1-32    The Apocryphon of John  ApocrJo
II,2   32-51    The Gospel According to Thomas  GosTh
II,3   51-86    The GospelAccording to Philip  GosPhil
II,4   86-97    The Hypostasis of the Archons  [5]  HypArch
II,5   97-127    The Writing without Title [21]  WwT
II,6   127-137    The Exegesis on the Soul  [9]  ExSoul
II,7   138-145    The Book of Thomas  [16]  BookTh

Concordances, 3
III,1   1-40    The Apocryphon of John  ApocrJo
III,2   40-69    The Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit  GrSpir
III,3   70-90    Eugnostos the Blessed  [26]  Eug
III,4   90-119    The Wisdom of Jesus Christ  [20]  SJC
III,5   120-147    The Dialogue of the Saviour[29]  DialSav

Concordances, 9 (in preparation)
IV,1   1-49    The Apocryphon of John  ApocrJo
IV,2   50-81    The Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit  GrSpir

Concordances, 9 (in preparation)
V,1   1-17    Eugnostos the Blessed  [26]  Eug
V,2   17-24    The Apocalypse of Paul [31]  ApocPaul
V,3   24-44    The (First) Apocalypse of James  [17]  1ApocJa
V,4   44-63    The (Second) Apocalypse of James  [17]  2ApocJa
V,5   64-85    The Apocalypse of Adam  [15]  ApocAd

Concordances, 2
VI,1   1-12    The Acts of Peter and the Twelve Apostles  AcPe12Ap
VI,2   13-21    The Thunder, Perfect Mind  [22]  Bronte
VI,3   22-35    Authoritative Teaching  [2]  AuthLog
VI,4   36-48    The Concept of Our Great Power  GrPower
VI,5   48-51    Fragment of Plato's Republic  [11]  PlatoRep
VI,6   52-63    The Discourse on the Eighth and Ninth  [3]  OgdEnn
VI,7   63-65    The Prayer of Thanksgiving  [3]  PrThanks
VI,8   65-78    Fragment of the Perfect Discourse  [7]  PerfDisc

Concordances, 1
VII,1   1-49    The Paraphrase of Shem  [25]  ParaShem
VII,2   49-70    Second Treatise of the Great Seth  [6]  GrSeth
VII,3   70-84    Apocalypse of Peter  ApocPe
VII,4   84-118    The Teachings of Silvanus  [13]  Silv
VII,5   118-127    The Three Steles of Seth  [8]  3StSeth

Concordances, 5
VIII,1   1-132    Zostrianos [24]  Zost
VIII,2   132-140    The Letter of Peter to Philip  [1]  PePhil

Concordances, 5
IX,1   1-27    Melchizedek [28]  Melch
IX,2   27-29    Norea  [5]  Nor
IX,3   29-74    The True Testimony  [23]  TrTest

Concordances, 6
X,1   1-68    Marsanes [27]  Mars

Concordances, 6
XI,1   1-21    The Interpretation of Knowledge  IntKnow
XI,2   22-44    A Valentinian Exposition  [14]  ValExp

XI, 3.4  
Concordances, 7
XI,3   45-69    Allogenes [30]  Allog
XI,4   69-72    Hypsiphrone  Hyps

Concordances, 7
XII,1   15*-34*    The Sentences of Sextus  [11]  SentSex
XII,2   53*-60*    The Gospel of Truth  GosTr
XII,3       Fragments [11]  Frm

Concordances, 7
XIII,1   35*-50*    Trimorphic Protennoia  [4,32]  TriProt
XIII,2   50*    The Writing without Title  [21]  WwT
Berolinensis Gnosticus 8502
BG 8502,1   7-19    The Gospel according to Mary  [10]  GosMar
BG 8502,2   19-77    The Apocryphon of John  ApocrJo
BG 8502,3   77-127    The Wisdom of Jesus Christ  [20]  SJC
BG 8502,4   128-141    The Act of Peter [18]  ActPe

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